Learners in Libraries. Understanding how people learn.

Learning Theories

Learners in Libraries. Understanding how people learn.

Using theories to support people and communities.

About this course

As librarians, our jobs typically require us to work with people on a day-to-day basis.  Many of our responsibilities include helping people find information, showing them how to use a new technology tool, and connecting them to resources.  These responsibilities often find us in the role of teacher, coach, and/or facilitator. 

Knowing how people learn can help us grow as librarians and better serve our communities. This workshop will include overviews of the following learning theories:

  • Andragogy
  • Constructivism
  • Experiential learning
  • Motivational theory

Session 1 

In session one, you will be introduced to theories: andragogy and constructivism.  You will have time to brainstorm ideas for applying these theories in your own learning and in your Library. At the completion of this session you will be provided with an activity to perform during the week break between the sessions. This activity will give you the opportunity to test the theories and report back to the group in session 2.

Session 2

A week later you will re-join the webinar for session two, where you will have an opportunity to share your experience of session 1 theories with the group. Session 2 will introduce experiential learning and motivational theory.  You will review case studies and have time to brainstorm ideas with fellow participants.  

This course is designed for those working in:

  • Public Libraries
  • Academic Libraries
  • School Libraries

This course is scheduled to run with a week break between sessions. Please be sure to schedule both sessions in your calendar. 

What you will gain from this course

You will leave this workshop with practical ideas for applying theories of learning in one-on-one interactions with patrons and in library programming. 


Please note this course runs for 2 hours on the 13th March and another 2 hours on the 20th March. We will be in touch with log in details. 

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