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Embedding Library in Research 

CANBERRA 3rd November

PERTH 9th November

Introducing Dr. Tamika Heiden’s workshop for exploring the relationship between Libraries and Research. This course will have you mapping services to researcher needs using methodologies found in design thinking. You will question current services and encouraged to consider new service opportunities. You will learn the art of communication and how best to be heard by researchers of the white noise.


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Embedding Libraries in Research

Supporting research with Library Services researchers need.

3rd November – Canberra

9th November  – Perth

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Design Thinking for Libraries

Build meaningful Library services based on Design Thinking Principles. Over three weeks you will learn how.

9th/16th/30th November

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UXLibs in-a-day : WELLINGTON

with Andy Priestner

‘What people say, what people do and what people say they do are entirely different things’

Uncover what is really going on in your Library and make the right adjustments, plans and strategies that will enhance the User Experience. 

16th November – WELLINGTON

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People Centred Design
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